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ENSINGER Launches new web site for Ensinger Special Polymers

Washington, PA - December 15, 2011 - Ensinger has completed development of Ensingerspi.com, the website showcasing Ensinger Special Polymers' compression molded materials, and the next phase in Ensinger's ongoing process of upgrading our internet identity. Earlier this year, we unveiled the first phase of our new Internet presence when we launched the new stock shapes website, Ensinger-inc.com. Next we launched the Ensinger Gateway page, Ensinger-ind.com from which customers are instantly able to access any of Ensinger's six North American business units. Now we have unveiled Ensingerspi.com, a site dedicated to Ensinger Special Polymer's compression molded product offering.

Hundreds of compression molded formulations to choose from See What's New
An extension of Ensinger's extruded high performance stock shapes portfolio, Ensinger Special Polymers specializes in compression molded versions of TECAPEEK PEEK, TECATRON PPS, and TECASINT PI and PAI resins as well as several other high performance engineering base polymers. They can customize their formulations with such performance enhancing additives as carbon, fiberglass or PTFE fillers. Data sheets for all these formulations are now available on the site for easy reference and downloading. The site alslo contains valuable information on size capabilities, and machining guidelines for these high performance materials that is not available anywhere else. Check out Ensingerspi.com.

Since 1986, Ensinger and its affiliates have continued to push the envelope of engineering plastics innovation to provide our customers with the very best products and services. We use our unique State of the Art Manufacturing Process Technology, our unmatched technical industry and application expertise, along with superior Customer Service to make it easy for our distribution channel partners to do business with us. Ensinger's Internet initiatives are the next step in this process.

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